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Dare to run again??

Being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis last year is the worst thing I’ve ever heard. The fact is that I can’t do any physical work too much for months, just laying down on bed, being fatigue and flare on my joints.

But with determination and keep in my mind that I am strong, finally I can comeback to my normal life and start again what I like ><. And now, what a miracle, I can do anything without being in pain. That’s why I decided to run again!!

My target this year is 10K Jakarta marathon on 23rd October 2016. What a luck, I registered in promo price IDR 180K when normal price is IDR 600K πŸ˜€

That is not an easy target because if I begin to stop my medication (which are methotrexate and sulfasalazine) then I feel again any little pain on my joints, I have to stop any hard exercise and start another medication. But I have no worry for that. I’ve designed my training plan clearly until I reach my 10K target under supervision of my doctor.

First step, I started to do yoga to strengthen my muscle and joints. Then I’ll try to run in small distance. Step by step until I reach 10 K in about 8 months. Do you think that is impossible?? Dare to run again??




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One thought on “Dare to run again??

  1. Sometimes bad thing happens in our life. Struck like a truck, with maximum speed and sometimes we are not ready for the impact. But what i have learned from life is we must have hope, even if it is just a little pieces of it. As long as we are still breathing and thinking, hope is still there. Reach your dream, nothing is holding you from getting what u want except your own mind. Enjoy the you life Evi =)

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